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Friday, March 01, 2013
To Reach, To Grow, To Send

The Cornerstone Church Guide

: A church is a complex Organization.  It exists to minister to the spiritual needs of a congregation of believers.  In pursuit of this goal, a church serves many related needs as well.  And it does all this within an organizational context that places the church in a web of external relationships, some providing support, others implying obligations.  And there are multiple internal connections among individuals, groups, subgroups and various programs.
Like any organization, the church has many roles or “jobs” performed by its members.  There are many positions of volunteer leadership.  There is also a paid staff.  There are many activities that comprise the total ministry of the church.  All have varying degrees of connection to each other.
As with any complex organization, success in the church depends in large part on the effectiveness of the interrelationship of the many parts, the many activities, the many physical facilities and certainly the allocation of financial resources among them all.
Cornerstone United Methodist Church and its' Ministries are a great source of spiritual sustenance for its members, a shaper of children and youth, a voice of compassion and care in the larger community, a celebration as God's love in our lives and a source of hope that we are building a better world. To be all these things, every member of Cornerstone must be empowered to support that ministry. Empowerment depends on the spirit, on the will and an the energy of members and friends.  But it also depends upon knowledge and understanding about the Church.
For some, it is necessary to know where they can go to be helped, to be ministered to.  For others, it is necessary to know what the opportunities are helping. And for everyone, it is necessary to know how things are done. How is the budget determined?  How is the church school organized?  How does one participate in music?  How are church facilities reserved, who can do it and what are the costs?  What does the United Methodist Church have to say about Cornerstone and how it is run?
The answers to all these questions are accessible. Cornerstone is a very open and inclusive church in every sense.  But there has not been any one, handy place that a member of Cornerstone or church leaders could go to get a variety of questions answered.  It is the hope of the Council that this manual will fill and important need for every member and make the church all the more significant in their lives.
Purposes of this Manual. Whether you are a long time member, or you have just found our website, and have yet to come to your first service, we hope this manual will answer many of your questions. We want you to get some idea of who we are, our theological belief in race reconciliation, our background and history,  what we believe,  our local church policies,  church organization, our mission and vision, our church forms, and how to become a member of our church. We'll introduce our Pastor, staff and lay leaders, and explain what they do, and what you can do. We'll tell you our overall mission as well as our goals and objectives. We'll list our worship schedule, and more. And you will get to know about serving Christ through United Methodist connectional giving.
The following questions are also important to every member of our Church and the answers are designed to help you in the way of living a powerful and wondrous life in Jesus Christ. 
What's Next for New Members?  “Now that I’m a member of this congregation, what can I expect? And what is expected of me?” A brief description of commitments we make as members of a congregation and as disciples of Christ.
You Can Make a Difference as a Leader  This section will help new leaders in our congregation (or past leaders with new responsibilities) genuinely make a real difference, and to invite and inspire others to do the same.
Ministry in My Community  Here you will learn about serving your neighbors and our community.
Caring for Others  Care is as essential to human life as food and drink. We are called and empowered by God to support and care for others, following Jesus' example.
How to Pray for the Sick When we pray for the sick, we are using our spirits as channels for God's Spirit to reach and heal.
How God Answers Prayer  Do you sometimes wonder if God hears our prayers? if God answers prayer?
How God Answers Prayer is an assurance of God's love and response to faithful prayer.
"As We Forgive Others"  An examination of this challenging phrase from The Lord's Prayer . . . what God's forgiveness means and what forgiveness of others can mean for us as Christians.
How to Live at Your Best  Ten steps toward a healthier, more spiritual life.
Accepted: Understanding Our Relationship with God  Four truths that can bring your life new joy, meaning, and purpose.
25 Ways to Build Up a Church  This leaflet for congregational members provides 25 practical suggestions for strengthening and nurturing the life and work of the congregation.
In this guide, we'll answer questions like: How are things done at Cornerstone UMC? How is the budget determined? How is the church school organized? How does one participate in music? How are church facilities reserved, who can do it and what are the costs? What does the United Methodist Church have to say about Cornerstone and how it is run? Where can you go to be helped, to be ministered to? What are the opportunities for helping?
Preface:  United Methodist Church Organization
Section 1:  Cornerstone United Methodist Church Organization
  • The Annual church or Charge Conference is the legal and authoritative body of the local church. The Conference includes all the officers and members of the church. The District Superintendent presides, representing the authority of the bishop, as well as the connectedness of the UMC. The conference elects the leaders of the church and sets the pastor’s salary. Special purpose conferences may address church property decisions.
  • The Church Council is responsible for operating the church.  It conceives and operates the church program, and determines the nature and character of the church’s mission to its members and to the outside community through Cornerstones committees and ministries. 
Cornerstones committees and ministries include:
Board of Trustees
Staff Parish Relations Committee
Finance Committee
Worship Team and Music Ministry
Sound and Technology Committee
Personnel Committee
Safe Sanctuary Committee
Life Groups Ministries
Youth Ministry
Stewardship Committee
Education Committee
Evangelism and Outreach Committee
Prayer Team
Women's Ministry
Men's Ministry
Council also approves
Board of Trustees’ decisions about property
Staff Parish Relations Committee's decisions about staff and salaries
Finance Committee's decisions about budget and stewardship
Committee on Lay Leadership's decisions about leadership. 
Section 2:  Cornerstone United Methodist Church Staff and Members in Leadership
  • Our Pastor , staff and lay leaders , and what they do.
 Section 3:  Worship Schedule
  • Service at 11:00 am every Sunday
Section 4:  Cornerstone's Real Property
  • Managed by the Board of Trustees
  • Inventory
Section 5:  Cornerstone Finances.
Cornerstone’s financial activities are handled in two separate but inter-related ways. The Finance Committee manages most of the visible activities within the local budget.  Cornerstone’s Board of Trustees manages the property-related costs, both of capital investment and repair and maintenance of the facilities.
  • Local budget expenses support Cornerstone’s ministries and programs.  Much of their funding comes from offerings, and from donations or event admissions. 
  • Although the conference assigns pastors, local congregations support the pastors assigned.   
  • Congregations pay “apportionments.” These are based on a congregation’s resources, determined each year by the local church’s budget for the previous year.   Formulas are set at the Annual Conference meeting. Apportionments support:  
    • Costs of personnel and work of the conference, the national and worldwide UMC, including pastors’ retirements 
    • Part of the costs of worldwide mission  
Section 6: The Church Calendar.
The Church maintains a combined church calendar reflecting Cornerstone’s regular meetings and events, as well as church use by other groups. Committee Chairs should ensure that all their groups’ activities are accurately listed. Contact the church office (910-868-5686) to add or edit calendar events.
Section 7:  Community services and programs supported
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group
  • Food Pantry
  • Community Day
  • Holiday Activities and Events
  • Clothing Drive
  • Disaster Donations and Relief
  • Missions to Other Countries
  • Other Neighborhood Activities and Groups
Section 8:  Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs - Cornerstone Policies and Procedures.
Includes information about attending and joining the church, access and childcare, and many other helpful items. 
8:30 AM Set Up for Service (all are welcome!)
9:30 AM
Sunday School for Adults, youth, and children
10:30 AM
10:30 AM
Worship Team Warm-Ups
10:50 AM
Music and Song in the Sanctuary!
11:00 AM
Worship Service
 12:30 PM
Various Programs and Community vents (see The Weekly e-Bulletin)
Our Location
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